Hello, I'm Christine

Your professional wedding photographer
in Lafayette, Indiana!

I am honored that you are on my website looking for your 'perfect fit' in wedding photography! This is by far the most important day of your life and it's a tough decision to make. I hope you will schedule a call with me so we can have a conversation and get to know each other.

Below is a little about me and why I'm in this business! Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Click the button below to set a time for a call, or you can text me anytime at 708.275.3332 and we can go from there!


I really can't wait to meet you!


More About My Life's Passion

I love photography

it’s my passion and my mission. Whether it’s at a big event like your wedding or in my backyard with family, I like to think I'm creating little time capsules with every snap. Every silly, happy, momentous occasion, even down to every quirky detail, I’m there filling my digital storage capsules with images to cherish forever! It's fun!

What is Your Photography Background? 

Educated in the studio, fine art, and commercial photography, I graduated with a BA from Columbia College Chicago '92 and have been providing remarkable photography for my clients ever since. Some of my most notable work has been for Bloomingdales, Pottery Barn, US Foods, and most recently Greater Lafayette Magazine, a quarterly publication in the town I call home.

Why Be A Wedding Photographer?

I love to create images that will be cherished forever and I love the energy at weddings! Where else would you find such joyous people celebrating a lovely couple eager to spend the rest of their lives together? 

How Do You Describe Your Photography Style? 

I consider my wedding photography to fall into the 'photo documentary' category. The idea behind my style is that I'm creating a visual story of the day. I make sure to get all of the posed shots but it's equally important that I capture all the little details and emotions that make your day unique! I LOVE to capture the look on the bride's mother's face when seeing her daughter. I love capturing the kids at the reception when they're up to sneaky things. I even will capture the bridal party's after-party craziness and probably some things that are better-kept secret. lol





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